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5 Things Renters Should Check on Their Lease

by on May 6th, 2017 Leave a Comment

Reviewing the lease is one of the most important part of the rent process. Whether you are getting your first apartment or your 10th, The leasing contract is the piece of paper will dictate your home life for at least the next year. Leasing contracts are full of riddling and unnecessary big words, meant to […]


Home owners are still in a better position than home renters

by on May 1st, 2017 Leave a Comment

Considering mortgage rates in the beginning of 2017 are still below 4%, a monthly mortgage payment can be less than what you pay for rent.  Benefits to owning your own home are, equity gain, appreciation of home and a tax deduction, even more reason to buy. If you are currently renting, money is being thrown out the window, it is […]


Safety Guidelines When Selling Your Home!

by on March 1st, 2017 Leave a Comment

NOW THAT YOU LISTED YOUR HOME, HERE ARE SOME HELPFUL TIPS, “VALUABLES:  Keys, credit cards, jewelry should be locked away.  Expensive décor items also put away to avoid accidental breakage. MEDICATION:  Prescription medications in medicine cabinets and beside tables should be removed. WEAPONS:  Firearms, knives, all should be put away. PERSONAL INFO:  Invoices, mail, social security numbers, […]